Dream BiG, Get your BiG IdEA and make it happen in Loko Market. It’s all about Loko Advertising. A quick a way to push your business in the right market begins with creating a Loko Account. You’ll be required to verify your email & Phone number to start posting your items. The good part is, you’ll automatically get a FREE Loko store that will hold all your Ads.

Placing Ads in Loko Market is easy, create or login to your account. Click on Post Ad button, fill in the AD details, upload quality images & don’t miss to indicate your contacts. Once you submit your Ad, it will be placed in a store that you personally own.

Donald Kariuki

LOKO Store is where your Ads are stored for free. Sellers are able to manage their business from the Loko store, from Adding new items, promoting the Items to TOP Ads to Deleting the Ads. Advertise locally, get local vendors & grow your business.

With Loko Market buyers are easily able to connect with Local vendors. Finding a dealer or a vendor in Loko Market is fast, easy and FREE. Buyers are waiting to see your items.

Discover Shopping Innovation 2022

  1. FREE store for vendors
  2. Promote your Ads in Top & Featured
  3. Ready buyers near you
  4. Quick Search
  5. Advertising banners in Homepage, Search page & Blog

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