Frequently Asked Questions

Understand LokoMarket quickly. All your questions simplified in a few a clicks.

You register by creating an account. To create an account you need an email or phone number. Start by filling in all your details and accept both the Privacy & Terms of our Marketplace.

Be sure to verify your email/phone from the link sent to your email. That's it, you can now start posting your items.

LokoMarket is the best Marketplace in Kenya. It has a better interface for buyers & sellers. It offers UNLIMITED free Ads in all categories for all members. 

Premium Ads are offered at a below the line rate, affordable for every user.

To start selling, create an account in and verify your email address & phone number. All users will have unlimited FREE Ads to post.

We don't charge to Post an Ad in Lokomarket. We only charge if you want to promote your Ad to premium.

How To Buy A Product?

 Buying a product is easy, identify the item you want, compare with other similar items on offer. Get the seller's details from the Ad. You can call or whatsApp the seller to get the direction of the shop or warehouse. 

Don't pay before you collect or see the items. 

How To Get Product Support?

If you aren't sure about the product, Lokomarket will always come through to help buy products such as cars, electronics or properties for a fee of course.


Posting Ads is FREE. If you want to promote your Ad to TOP Ad, then you pay a small fee.

Bump Up is a premium feature that auto renews your Ad everyday. If you posted a week ago, it would be difficult for the buyers to see your Ad. But with a bump up enabled Ad, the Ad will always remain at Homepage & Search Page.

This is a promoted Ad, it features in homepage, Search page & Blog page. All featured Ads will have a featured badge.

When you promote your Ad to featured, your Ad stands out and it gets more viewers that easily converts to sales.

A TOP Ad is a premium Ad that sticks at the top of the Search Page with a creamy highlight. Ads that stick at the top of the Search Page in every site visit normally gives a 70% sales.

If you need to get a quick support in LokoMarket, email our support team;

To promote your Ad, first you need to buy a membership plan. Then go to your account, and select my listings option. Identify the Ad you want to promote, click on promote. Select whether you want to make it Top, Featured or Bumped up; then proceed to promotion.

My Bump ups are depleted.

If you deplete your premium features, you can renew your membership.

Note: Don't promote an already promoted Ad.

Yes, we're looking at working with agents who can promote our Marketplace to major towns in Kenya. 

To join Lokomarket, send an email to

Go Premium

Grow your business with premium Ads. Promoted Ads gain more sales conversion compared to regular Free Ads.

                Only Kshs. 300 per month